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Friendly Fire – Book Review

Friendly Fire by Cari Z, tells the story of Elliot McKenzie trying to turn around his past. Elliot was a former lawyer who was disbarred five years prior following a scandal at his former law firm. He takes the opportunity to start Charmed Life, a self-help program to help people get a second chance in their career and life.  

It has become a successful networking company, but with that comes new obstacles. A series of incidents begin to happen to Elliot and those around him suspect his life may be in danger. His assistant arranges for him to meet with a security specialist.

Lennox West is hesitant about taking the job. He was forced to retire from the Army and suffers from PTSD. He reluctantly agrees to the meeting. Lennox is trying to find a way through his condition which hinders his ability to help raise his daughter.

During their meeting, it is obvious that Elliot is attracted to Lennox and the occasional flirt is said. Lennox lets it roll off his back, doing his best to keep things professional. Throughout the book, the two form a bond, and Lennox becomes extremely protective of Elliot. He recognizes that Elliot is in real danger and is trying to protect him without panicking him. Which is a challenge as it triggers his PTSD.

I loved this story. It is a romance, so as a reader I knew the two would end up together eventually. What made it enjoyable was to watch the story unfold and see how it happened. Lennox wants to be with Elliot, but fears how his PTSD may affect it. There is also the mystery of who is threatening Elliot? And why are they doing it? Granted I did suspect who it was as the story progressed, but there were plenty of red herrings to distract.

I have read several books by Cari Z and she always amazes me with her ability to weave these incredible stories. With this book, in particular, it was nice seeing her take the time to have these two men form a strong friendship and bond before ever crossing into a relationship. That is true romance.

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