Rory Liddell spent four years of high school being picked on for not being like everyone else. Now he gets to start college with a clean slate, with hopes of the perfect roommate.

Daren Stone was his high school’s top jock. He was the one everyone idolized and wanted to be around. College was a step towards a Major League Baseball team, and he was looking forward to working towards that goal with an instant new best friend.

Rory and Daren couldn’t be more different and are forced together as college roommates their freshman year. Rory fears a repeat of his high school torments and Daren is desperate for Rory’s approval.

Now they have to navigate their freshman year. A new place, new life, new friends, and new revelations are around every corner. Which leads to surprises, drama, and learning what they need in life.

This book contains both m/m relationships and m/f relationships
This book contains the following scenes: Sexual Harassment in the work place. Drug and alcohol abuse. Nonsexual physical assault

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