“I really enjoyed the way this book broke through common stereotypes. College/coming of age type stories aren’t usually my first choice – I’m more of a horror person – but I really fell in love with the characters. This book took me through all the emotions, especially hot and bothered in a couple parts!”

-Jacquie Vranek, GoodReads

Available Dec. 29, 2020
Rory and Daren couldn’t be more different. One was picked on in high school, the other was his high school’s top jock. They are forced together as college roommates their freshman year.

They have to find a way to get along, while navigating a new place and new life.

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Angel has moved from his small farm town to Los Angeles. He wants to start a new, better life. But he wasn’t quite prepared for what the city had in store for him.

Follow him on his adventures, as he meets unique people with hidden pasts, and learn what it means to be Angel, in the city of Angels.

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Danny Loup is the lone wolf among his pack. For twenty years he has traveled the world. But now he has returned home to discover several members of his pack have gone missing.

With the help of his friends, he must learn what dark presence is causing these disappearances.


Breaking Bones

It has been over a year since the events that occurred during Daren Stone’s Freshman year. Now he is facing new challenges and trying to overcome his past.

It is his Junior year of college, and he is now the Pledge Master for Delta Fraternity. Along with his best friend Rory, they will help guide these freshmen into becoming Delta Men.


“Really interesting which sides the readers takes at different points of the story. Good read!”

-Lauren Rawlin