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The Tutor – Book Review

The Tutor is a historical fiction written by Bonnie Dee. This m/m romance has that dark gothic feel that many historical fiction readers love. This one was a bit different for me, as instead of reading this book I did the audiobook read by Ruri Carter. This made the tone of the story a bit different for me.

We meet Graham Cowrie as he arrives at the manor for his first day as the tutor. He will be in charge of educating the two sons of Sir Richard, whose wife passed away under mysterious circumstances. But Graham is not a tutor. Though well educated, he is a common man who created a false resume and managed to acquire the job. Every day he worries that the rouse will be discovered and he will be discharged.

What I loved about this book; was the way the story draws you in. I know from the description there was a ghost mystery element to it. But the reader isn’t thrown into that immediately. The story plays out in a normal, non-supernatural way. It reached a point, where I almost forgot that there was supposed to be a ghost. Even when things started happening, the way Graham brushed it off as nothing, made it feel like the ghost wasn’t real and it was other characters projecting its existence.

But the truth of the ghost is far more complicated than I had anticipated once the mystery unfolds.

Among all of this is the romance plot that is the core of Graham’s inner conflict. He is attracted to his employer. This is not a new revelation for him, as we learn at the beginning of the story, he has had dalliances with men when he lived in the city. But out at this country manor, he is doing his best to not show that side, despite his desire. There are times when his employer does something that makes Graham believe there is a mutual attraction, but then the employer denies it.

As a listener, I did wonder how things would play out. Granted being a romance I expect the two to come together, but his grief over his wife’s death made me wonder, did he marry her for appearances? Or did he truly love her?

For those who love period romance novels with same-sex relationships, I would suggest trying this one out.

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