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I Think We Missed Our Turn – Book Review

I Think We Missed Our Turn is the latest novel by L.A. Witt. It is a contemporary romance about two co-workers who have been friends since college. It is a sweet romance that has the reader wondering how they were going to get over the hurdles that they start with. The story takes place over a week during a road trip to pick up art pieces for their gallery.

The story is told from the point of view of the two main characters, Armin and Marques. The reader sees the story bouncing back and forth from chapter to chapter. Armin, the son of a gallery owner, has been assigned the task to retrieve a new collection of art from a reclusive artist. She rarely allows her pieces to be sold through art galleries so this is an opportunity they cannot lose. Armin’s girlfriend, Tanya, is not pleased with this assignment because Marques will be sent to assist Armin.

Marques is a friend of Armin’s from college, who now works at the gallery. Tanya does not trust Marques around Armin. Though she has no issue with Armin being bisexual and men hitting on him, she believes that Marques will attempt to seduce her boyfriend. Even though, neither man has ever shown interest in each other. She reluctantly agrees only because Marques has a boyfriend. Unknown to them though, Marques’s boyfriend Chad, broke up with him the week prior.

Throughout the story, there is tension between both men. The two never dated in the past, as they didn’t want to risk their friendship. Now that Chad has left him, Marques quickly realizes he does have an attraction towards Armin. He refuses to act on it despite not being a fan of Tanya. He respects them enough to not ever cross that line.

During the first night of the trip, Tanya and Armin get into a fight over the phone and break up. Armin finds himself reevaluating his life and realizing that he too, wants a chance with Marques. We are treated to a road trip filled with sexual tension as neither will tell the other, they are both now single and available.

I did enjoy this book, but it isn’t one of my favorites by Witt. It is a very good story and it is well written which is something to be expected. I enjoyed the romance and tension that was the foundation of the story, but I realized it is her action-style books that I tend to enjoy more.

As it is a romance, they do end up together at the end, though I won’t lie, I was hoping for a wedding drama scene with Tanya coming in saying she knew they were into each other. The book is a quick short read, so I would recommend it if you are looking for something light-hearted and fun to read on an afternoon.

L.A. Witt’s website

I Think We Missed Our Turn available on Amazon

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