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Overdues & Occultism – Book Review

Overdues and Occultism is a book by New Zealand author, Jamie Sands. It is the story of a library named Basil, who unknown to his coworkers, comes from a family of witches. Sebastian shows up one day at Basil’s library requesting permission to film an episode of his paranormal YouTube show. Basil is taken aback by Sebastian and is nervous that he may be discovered for being a witch.

Basil gets permission from the head librarian to allow the filming under special conditions. They have to film after hours as to not impede the patrons. Despite Basil being a witch, he does not believe that the library is being haunted by any ghosts. He quickly changes when during filming books start moving around and the next day goes missing.

Through their investigation, they learn the secret past of the library and who the specter is. As well as, why it has only now started and has become fixated on the two of them.

This is the second book I have read by Jamie Sands. It is absolutely sweet and adorable. The relationship between the two doesn’t start to show until later in the book. Basil is afraid to be open about who and what he is. His desire to keep his witch life a secret causes him to instinctively close up emotionally around people.

When they discover the ghost’s past and his story, it is heartbreaking. He is from a time when gay relationships were frowned upon. Thus preventing him from having true happiness in his life and the reader learns his tragic story in detail. I will admit that it made me cry a bit.

I find Sands’ stories to be fun and whimsical even when dealing with serious matters. The concept of Sebastian making a Paranormal YouTube show seems silly and yet, the reader discovers that in this world the paranormal does exist, but most of the world is completely unaware.  

Basil being a witch isn’t a thrown-out term. The reader does see him perform simple magic and even conjure a protective bubble. This isn’t a simple one-off of paranormal abilities. It is interesting to watch Basil decide to not pursue Sebastian because he has, in his mind, come to the conclusion that nothing could ever come of it. As Sebastian is only in town to investigate the library.

The book is a quick short read, easily down on an afternoon while curled up with a cup of tea. I would suggest it if you are looking for something fun and is an easy read.

Jamie Sands on Twitter

Overdues and Occultism available on Amazon

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