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This past month I have been super busy with a film I am working on. Last week I was on set, so I couldn’t focus too much on my writing. But I am back home for about 6 weeks before I head out again for continued filming.

I’ve posted a few behind-the-scenes pics on my Instagram and TikTok.

So what am I doing now? Well currently, I am finishing up the first draft for the second book in my Urban Fantasy series. I tried something new with it, writing it as three separate stories and intertwining them. It made it easier to keep track of each individual storyline and able to blend them together rather easily.

My holiday romance is on hold at the moment, as I also need to complete edits for Breaking Bones. I still do not have an official release date for it yet. But hope to make an announcement by mid-July.

My biggest news is I have started plotting and writing a gay action story for a series. I am co-writing it with a film director fan of mine. There is no date for when we start filming it, as we have a sci-fi film currently scheduled to be our next film.

If you want to see samples of some of the things I am working on, be sure to check out my Patreon.

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