Book Review


It has been awhile since, I have updated. So thought I would let everyone know what’s been going on. First, I am happy to report that Breaking Bones has a tentative release date. It will be in 2023. But I don’t want to announce the exact date until we are closer to it being ready. Right now, it is with my editor. I will write the first draft on the third book of the series in November. It should be coming out a few months after Breaking Bones.

For those who didn’t know, I was at Comic-Con recently. My first event since lock down. I was there signing my book, and it was a great experience. That being said, I will attend other events this year, where you can come meet me and get a signed copy of Sticks and Stone.

FanX, Salt Lake City, Utah ~Sept 22-24
WhoCon, San Diego, CA ~ Oct 21-23

There are a couple of other ones being scheduled. I will keep you updated.

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