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The Marquess of Gorsewall Manor – Book Review

The Marquess of Gorsewall Manor is a period piece story. Written by Adella J Harris, it tells the story of Thomas Brook who flees London after being arrested and sent to prison for sodomy, after he was caught naked with other men at a Molly House. He manages to flee to the country but collapses from exhaustion. He is found by a stranger who brings Thomas to his manor and helps him recover.

Thomas soon discovers that his savior was the Marquess of the manor, Lord Elmsby. Thomas weaves a tale about who he is, and what had happened to him in an attempt to not be sent back to prison. Lord Elmsby, being a kind person, hires Thomas to organize his library as a way to help him out.

Unknown to Lord Elmsby, Thomas has a past that would not be considered proper during that period. His created fiction of being an educated man was taught to him years ago by an older gentleman who had Thomas as a kept boy.

Thomas is attracted to Lord Elmsby and attempts to make a sexual advancement. Initially, he is rejected and worries he will be sent to prison. But soon he learns that there is more to Lord Elmsby than he had known. Weaved into this tale is a mystery about Lord Elmsby’s fiancé. She had vanished many years ago and many suspected foul play at the hand of Lord Elmsby.

Throughout the story, Thomas begins to experience strange things. Though peculiar they seemed completely innocent. As he puts the pieces together, he starts to get an idea of what may have happened to his master’s former fiancé.

Regency-style stories are quite popular, and I know there are gay-themed ones. But I would love to see and experience more, I enjoy historical stories and look forward to finding other titles I can read to broaden my experience with this style of writing.

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