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Matriarch – Book Review

Matriarch is a story by Adam Wing about an elder woman preparing to die. She is quite old and the whole family has shown up at the hospital. Though most of them are there to see what they will inherit. But she only wants to see her great-granddaughter. In the hours before her passing, she tells the story of how she came to be married to her husband. Slowly revealing hidden secrets that the family never knew about, until now.

This book wasn’t very long, only 144 pages. But so much happens in that time that I felt like I was reading an epic. I hadn’t read any of Wing’s other stories yet, though I have his other story Icarus downloaded. I decided to read this one first and was not disappointed. It is a beautiful story that the Matriarch weaves and explains to her granddaughter. She has important information that must be shared before her death.

The whole time I read the story, I was trying to figure out what the reveal at the end was going to be, as there is a feeling of a magical element to the story. Then the magic is revealed and though skeptical at first the granddaughter quickly becomes a believer.

Then the reader reaches the end of the story and the reveal happens…well I am not going to say, you are going to have to read it. But sufficient to say it was one of the best reveals I have ever read.

If you want to read a story with a folklore tone about two people who are destined to be together, I would highly recommend checking out Matriarch.

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