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How to Set the World on Fire – Book Review

How to Set the World on Fire is a novel by T.K. Riggins. It is set in a world of magic where children with various talents are sent to a special academy to train and learn to use their discipline. The story revolves around Kase Garrick a warrior who feels the need to prove himself. He is a delightful guy who is more friendly than most warriors.

He quickly befriends a scholar and a wizard and with his sister, another scholar they decide to compete in the annual Quest Series. Their team is unique as there are younger students who normally don’t compete and all three disciples are in the same team. Most teams are made up of single disciplines.

It is easy to compare this story to Harry Potter. Though not an exact copy, there are apparent similarities. Instead of 4 houses, there are 3 disciplines, and instead of the Tri-Wizard Cup, it is The Quest Series. Unlike the Harry Potter series, the story is focused on the competition. Which begins early in the story. The story is more about these four friends working together to find a way to persevere when the odds are stacked against them.

It isn’t a simple underdog wins story either. Since the main character does do some amazing feats, no one believes him and the school forces him to deny what he has accomplished. It is soul-crushing when he has to do so.

For those who are looking for something Harry Potter-like without the negatives that have surfaced in recent years, I would suggest this story. It is good for young adults with characters that are easy for the reader to relate to.

There is a follow-up to this book titled, Money Jane, which I intend on reading in the future.

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