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Marketing Beef – Book Review

Marketing Beef is a cute romance story by Rick Bettencourt. It is the story of Evan, an account, and Dillion, a new ad exec, who go from casual acquaintances to boyfriends.

The story begins with Evan who does accounting for a large advertising firm. He keeps to himself and is awkward in most social situations. He has a crush on Dillion who recently joined the firm. They have a brief moment during Evan’s lunch when a new billboard is revealed. Evan struggles with trying to figure out if Dillion was being nice or showing interest.

Evan discovers some discrepancies concerning the company’s accounts. He doesn’t report it at first, as he wants to verify. But then everything flips when he discovers that the CEO has been arrested for embezzlement and several other charges. Now everyone is without a job and Evan begins to worry that he will be implicated as he had discovered the discrepancy but hadn’t reported it.

He runs into Dillion; the one had been crushing on. They begin talking about their future. Dillion mentions that he and a few others had been planning on creating their own firm before the fallout. He tries to entice Evan, who is hesitant to come about. Eventually, he agrees to a meeting that quickly turns into a date.

The two slowly begin to form a relationship and Evan isn’t sure what to make of it. His low self-esteem causes him to second guess what is happening and he cannot understand what, someone as gorgeous as Dillions, sees in him.

At the core of the story, I feel is watching someone try to discover their self-worth and understanding why they are the way they are. Evan doesn’t seem to fret about his financial situation after having lost his job. Later we discover how good he is with money and how comfortable his life is. But it also shows that he is a cautious person. He doesn’t allow Dillion to discover this for a while, which to me makes sense. When a person has money and those around them know, they do not always know if the people are real friends or are interested in the money.

I enjoyed this story greatly; interestingly, I had an image of an average looking guy in my mind for Evan based on how he described and viewed himself. But as Dillion gets more into the story and talks about the things he sees in Evan, I realized Evan is meant to have an incredible body and is extremely attractive. I think that speaks to a lot of people, you can be a stunning physical beauty but if you don’t’ believe in yourself or allow self-doubt to fill you, when you look in the mirror you won’t see your true self.

There is a bit of subplot behind who committed the crime of the story and how people use each other which provides a great amount of drama and tension. But as I read the story, I was more focused on watching Evan come into their own. A great romance story that has real heart. I would suggest giving it a read on an afternoon that you want to lose yourself in a cute story.


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