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Witch vs Witch – Book Review

Witch vs Witch is a novel by A.C. Merkel. It was released on January 1 and is a lesbian-themed book in the world of witchcraft. It tells the story of Farrah, who was orphaned at a young age after the death of her parents. She has druid like powers and is connected to nature. She receives a vision from her grandmother informing her that the man she believes had killed her father, was innocent.

She must now not only seek out the man, whom she believed to have been the murderer, for help but search out a young man whom she is tasked with protecting as he is the key to preventing the coming apocalypse.

Unknown to her, a rival family’s daughter, Sirena, has also been tasked with protecting the boy. Unlike Farrah, Sirena has known the Adrick for years. He is her best friend and the two have grown up together. Sirina’s powers come from her voice, no surprise there is siren blood in her. Her mother, a powerful witch has demanded that Sirina cuts emotional ties to the boy, but keep him in love with her. She has also demanded that Sirina marry and have a child with a man whom Sirena’s mother has chosen for her.

This forced union not only bothers Sirena because of her lack of choice, but she is a lesbian and has no interest in men. Something she cannot share with her mother as her mother is obsessed with continuing the family bloodline.

The adventure kicks off when Farrah locates Adrick. He and Sirena are both part of a band that is performing at the bar Farrah finds them at. Farrah is unaware of who Sirena truly is. When she sees her take the stage, Farrah is immediately attracted to her and feels drawn to her, wanting to be with her.

The attraction is mutual and though they both have a task, they let their guard down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for them to realize who they are and what they believe is happening.

This was a great story and I am glad that I picked it up to read. Most of what I enjoy reading is gay fiction whether it be contemporary, fantasy, or sci-fi. But I have been following Merkel’s work and was interested in giving this book a try. I was not disappointed.

There is a nice balance between the mission at hand and the blooming relationship. Though both of the women should be enemies, their attraction and affection for each other diminish the instinct to be at odds. They recognize that not everything they have been told was real and accurate. They must make their decisions not only with their minds but also with their heart.

There are several times when the two are forced into battle with each other. As best as they can, they try to avoid truly injuring each other. They immediately regret what has happened and try to fix it and understand what is at stake. At the end of the day, their mission is to protect Adrick from becoming a sacrifice and save the world, even if it means sacrificing themselves.

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